Saturday, February 4, 2012

My review on "Double Take" by Melody Carlson

Double Take

This novel starts out with Madison Van Buren- a seventeen year-old who is fed up with the pressures that turn her "Gucci and latte" life upside down. She is dealing with everything from guys to parents to college, and by the time she meets an uncanny look alike, she is practically losing it... (her mind, that is). Madison currently lives in a penthouse in NYC, and her life seems picture perfect from the outside, I mean, she has got money and everything. But Madison is realizing that isn't the key for a happy life.

Meanwhile, Anna Fisher currently resides in Pennsylvania in an Amish family. She had recently been heartbroken, by a boy that moved away to New York in his rumpsringa, leaving all he had ever known behind. Her parents are pressuring her to marry some-one she doesn't know, and she just wants out of everything.

When Madison's mother desires for her daughter to go with her and her grandmother to Tuscany ("to show her off") but she refuses, but doesn't want to stay home due to Garret. So, Madison just takes of driving in westward direction, and ends up in an Amish community coffee shop. (I liked this part!) She meets Anna, and tries to convince her they look alot alike. (Madison has to wipe off her "face" to convince Anna this). They suddenly start pouring their hearts out to eachother over a latte, and decide they could pull off switching places. Anna isn't quite sure, but remebers that Jacob is in the Big Apple... (the guy the broke her heart by leaving the community)... They talk and discuss everything they will need to know to convince others that Anna is Madison and that Madison is Anna.

Madison has to go help out Anna's uncle and his wife who is going to have a baby. (Rachel) Madison is not quite enjoying this, but is glad to escape from her life. Rachel and Madison ("Anna") form a bond, and become good friends through all of Rachel's ridicules of being called lazy and worthless as a woman. Madison does and learns alot in the community, but also deals with the trial of lying and deceiving. (Aka, only Rachel knows right now that Madison is an 'imposter'). Madison meets Malachi, a very handsome and struggling Amish dude. She knows its not love at first site, but is not sure what to think.

Meanwhile, Anna ("Madison") is doing a pretty good job of handling Madison's life. From Garret to former BFF's like Lucinda, everything is going great. Until Anna finds Jacob. He has completeky turned from Christianity and everything they had in common and Anna is unsure of herself now. She decides it is time to switch back...

The truth ends up coming out on both sides of this twisted and hilarious tale, and although irrealistic, this is one of the best books I have ever read.
Sensuality? Not really. Very, very, low although it discuss' romance in this book.
Language? Reference only, like "and he said a bad word that seemed strange after spending almost a week in the Amish communtiy"
Spiritual content? Yes, but there could have been a little more if both of the girls (especially Anna) were dealing more with spiritual content over anything.

My rating? Ten out of Ten stars!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My review on Kelly's Chance by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Front Cover
This book was one of the most simple yet charming stories I have ever read.
This book did not make the era clear, but the time in which people used mules to pull boats along the canals was 1700-early 1900s. If that was so, the way the author described outfits, styles, etc, was not right. But it's errors did not diminish the quality of this story.
Kelly McGregor is upset about her sister Sarah leaving their small, hardworking family on the account of not "liking" the gruff, disturbing father and canaler. Kelly's current feelings, then, about marriage and settling down are down to a negative minimum. It is currently completely understandable, because her father is obivously against it also, since Kelly is only hard worker yet. Kelly is consantly in chaos-- her father does not like his daughter being an artist and drawing, for he claims it is a waste of time when she could be working. Kelly doesn't understand, but respects her father's unfair wishes. Kelly's spiritual scale isn't very high right now due to some trust issues.
Meanwhile, a shopkeeper, Mike, has been praying and asking God for a help-mate, and wife, and has been trusting God for quite awhile. He then meets Kelly, and is astonished not only by her beauty, but her humility. He continues to trust God with how He will direct the future of Kelly and Mike.
Kelly, meanwhile, doesn't know what to think. She is still not sure how she feels about Mike, she tries to deny that she is in deep like with him, and then she goes on a picnic with Mike after a service, and an annoying preacher's daughter always annoyingly tags along, due to a crush. Kelly is certain that Mike doesn'y have feelings for her, so tries to ignore him. It ends up all being a misunderstanding.
All the while, Kelly goes to town with her family and runs into her sister is having issues with her husband that '"left" her.
With all this turmoil, you wouldn't expect this book to have a very happy and satifying ending, but I will leave it up to you to believe it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Review on Though Waters Roar

~Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin~
This book was intelligently entertaining, and captivating with it's stories and plots. I have to suggest this as the most touching story by Lynn Austin yet!
The story:
The book begins with Harriet (a young ton-boysish girl, who is over the top with ambition, and who does not want to ever get married after watching her sister and mother)who is in jail. Austin does not let us know why she in jail, but does let us know Harriet's thoughts, like, "Exactly how did I end up in jail?" This sounds like an easily answered question, (that we would assume meant she has committed a crime or such) but it actually is deeper than that, and the next chapter starts at the beginning... starting with her Grandmother, Beatrice, (aka, "BeBe.") and how her purpose for stopping alcoholic problems started.
BeBe's history: Beatrice started out as a young girl who had to watch all of her brother's go to war, and her mother housing slaves during the Civil War era (which was illegal, of course) and BeBe learned to trust God and to have faith in His plans at an early age. This part of the story (a few chapters) was very uplifting, adequate, and purposeful. The next few chapters, is where the brother closest to her goes to war, and ends up getting injured, and loses his leg. Bebe is now about seventeen, and her mother convinces her to visit Franklin (BeBe's brother) in the hospital. While visiting her brother, she meets his friend Horatio Garner. A friendship/love blossoms between the two while BeBe stays for a month or two, but does not know about his secrets.
Horatio then meets Franklin and BeBe back on their farm, and asks to marry BeBe. BeBe learns to trust her father when his father tells her to wait and pray about marrying Horatio. (BeBe is not sure if she is making a mistake or not, but learns she needed to pray and trust God more in the situation). Once they get married, BeBe feels unaccepted by Horatio's family, who is extremely consumed with wealth, fashion and family backgrounds. Bebe feels out of place, and then discovers Horatio's drinking problem. This book is incredible story of having faith in God through all of life's circumstances, and also is touching as it exemplifies the story that would change everything.This book was a grandmother sharing her story with her grand-daughter, and there was absolutely no sensuality or language. Lynn Austin's books are highly trust-worthy... especially this one.

This wonderful story of hope and healing flows with gripping emotions, and is must read for anyone of any age!

My review on Until We Reach Home

~ Until we Reach Home by Lynn Austin ~

This was a non-stop suprising and suspenseful novel. It deserves the highest rating!
It starts out in about late 17th century Sweden, where Elin, the oldest of three sisters (Elin,Kirsten,Sophia) feels the need to help her sisters move to start a new life in America, after having their beloved parents die, and their peverted uncle move in and take over. The Carlson sisters have had enough heartache, and their brother had before been forced to move out by Uncle Sven, who is now making perverted attempts at Sophia (the youngest) after doing so to Elin. Elin notices all this, and longs for her sisters to grow up in a safe haven. Elin begins writing her Uncle Lars in America, and is invited for her and her sisters to move in, under a condition that is mysterious to them at the moment. Sophia, the innocent sixteen-year old, regrets to leave her home, and is sorrowful on their journey. Kirsten, however, is furiously glad to go after being left heart-broken by Tor in Sweden. Little does she know she is carrying a suprise.
On their trip to America, through sea and rail-road, Elin is battling everything. Kirsten becomes flightsy and needy, Sophia becomes depressed, and Elin carries Typhus (sickness) on top of all her other burdens. This happens because she was taking care of a sick family.
Once they reach America, the Carlson sisters must pass inspection (physical health) to enter in America. Kirsten is sustained to a hospital because the doctors are hiding a secret about her "condition", while Elin is stuck in the hospital because of her typhus condition. Timid Sophia is left to wait in the inspection center, only speaking Swede, and she then meets a German man, who is a devoted Christian, and attempts to encourage her by looking up Scriptures, pointing the reference out and then she would look it up with numbers in her Bible. Not only does he play the violen beautifully, but his faith in God keep Sophia calm.
When Elin and Kirsten are released, there are some tension being held in. Kirsten is now hiding something from her sisters, and so is Elin. Once they arrive in America, they find out their condition to stay in America was to marry a stranger. Elin and her sisters refuse this condition, and so they must go to work to pay the men back.
The Carlson sisters end up working for a buttinsky old lady, who does not want to move out of her house, and who also is holding harsh feelings for her daughter in law. The Carlson sisters help the woman. The seemingly grouchy elderly woman adores Sophia's darling voice, and suggests she entertain folks with her gift. Meanwhile, Kirsten's secret is about to show.

Meanwhile, the girl's employer dies and leaves Elin a nursing scholarship, and Sophia a scholarship, along with Kirsten. Kirsten and Sophia also has surpises. Kirsten is getting married to a stranger, Sophia is taking the stage seriously, and Elin agrees to marry a man in Wisconsin she has been corresponding with, and offers her sisters to come with her even though they would not marry against their will. They all get angry, and it is up to God to sort  everything out for them.
This heartwarming novel is perfect in every way, and is irrestible!

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