Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Review on Though Waters Roar

~Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin~
This book was intelligently entertaining, and captivating with it's stories and plots. I have to suggest this as the most touching story by Lynn Austin yet!
The story:
The book begins with Harriet (a young ton-boysish girl, who is over the top with ambition, and who does not want to ever get married after watching her sister and mother)who is in jail. Austin does not let us know why she in jail, but does let us know Harriet's thoughts, like, "Exactly how did I end up in jail?" This sounds like an easily answered question, (that we would assume meant she has committed a crime or such) but it actually is deeper than that, and the next chapter starts at the beginning... starting with her Grandmother, Beatrice, (aka, "BeBe.") and how her purpose for stopping alcoholic problems started.
BeBe's history: Beatrice started out as a young girl who had to watch all of her brother's go to war, and her mother housing slaves during the Civil War era (which was illegal, of course) and BeBe learned to trust God and to have faith in His plans at an early age. This part of the story (a few chapters) was very uplifting, adequate, and purposeful. The next few chapters, is where the brother closest to her goes to war, and ends up getting injured, and loses his leg. Bebe is now about seventeen, and her mother convinces her to visit Franklin (BeBe's brother) in the hospital. While visiting her brother, she meets his friend Horatio Garner. A friendship/love blossoms between the two while BeBe stays for a month or two, but does not know about his secrets.
Horatio then meets Franklin and BeBe back on their farm, and asks to marry BeBe. BeBe learns to trust her father when his father tells her to wait and pray about marrying Horatio. (BeBe is not sure if she is making a mistake or not, but learns she needed to pray and trust God more in the situation). Once they get married, BeBe feels unaccepted by Horatio's family, who is extremely consumed with wealth, fashion and family backgrounds. Bebe feels out of place, and then discovers Horatio's drinking problem. This book is incredible story of having faith in God through all of life's circumstances, and also is touching as it exemplifies the story that would change everything.This book was a grandmother sharing her story with her grand-daughter, and there was absolutely no sensuality or language. Lynn Austin's books are highly trust-worthy... especially this one.

This wonderful story of hope and healing flows with gripping emotions, and is must read for anyone of any age!

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