Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My review on Kelly's Chance by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Front Cover
This book was one of the most simple yet charming stories I have ever read.
This book did not make the era clear, but the time in which people used mules to pull boats along the canals was 1700-early 1900s. If that was so, the way the author described outfits, styles, etc, was not right. But it's errors did not diminish the quality of this story.
Kelly McGregor is upset about her sister Sarah leaving their small, hardworking family on the account of not "liking" the gruff, disturbing father and canaler. Kelly's current feelings, then, about marriage and settling down are down to a negative minimum. It is currently completely understandable, because her father is obivously against it also, since Kelly is only hard worker yet. Kelly is consantly in chaos-- her father does not like his daughter being an artist and drawing, for he claims it is a waste of time when she could be working. Kelly doesn't understand, but respects her father's unfair wishes. Kelly's spiritual scale isn't very high right now due to some trust issues.
Meanwhile, a shopkeeper, Mike, has been praying and asking God for a help-mate, and wife, and has been trusting God for quite awhile. He then meets Kelly, and is astonished not only by her beauty, but her humility. He continues to trust God with how He will direct the future of Kelly and Mike.
Kelly, meanwhile, doesn't know what to think. She is still not sure how she feels about Mike, she tries to deny that she is in deep like with him, and then she goes on a picnic with Mike after a service, and an annoying preacher's daughter always annoyingly tags along, due to a crush. Kelly is certain that Mike doesn'y have feelings for her, so tries to ignore him. It ends up all being a misunderstanding.
All the while, Kelly goes to town with her family and runs into her sister is having issues with her husband that '"left" her.
With all this turmoil, you wouldn't expect this book to have a very happy and satifying ending, but I will leave it up to you to believe it!

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